Services for children

CPSG’s services are provided by an interdisciplinary team, with the involvement of significant adults around the child to provide personalized accompaniment according to the child’s needs and dreams.  The warm welcome and friendly atmosphere at both our centers allow us to create an environment where kids can develop to their full potential and discover the world.

D é c o u v r e z l e p r o c h i a n s e r v i c e


This is the first service and the first follow-up, which enables the clinical team to fully assess the needs expressed, to listen to the child and to identify if any rights have been violated. Subsequent follow-ups take place at various points in the child’s life trajectory, to take stock of the past and present situation.

The assessment/orientation meetings then determine all the activities and services that will be put in place according to a common action plan, elaborated and confirmed by the child.


Follow-up/accompaniment represents all the services and interventions implemented around the child and their family. It may be carried out by different professionals and is intended to be a space for the child to discover or highlight their strengths. The nature and level of services offered are tailored to each child’s individual needs.

  • Psychosocial and educational follow-ups
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Group activities
  • Family accompaniment

Mind-Body Therapies

Mind-Body Therapies are innovative therapeutic services based on targeted and specific needs provided to children, resulting in positive effects in all spheres of their development. This range of preventive and curative care fosters a sense of well-being in our children and enables them to regulate their emotions in a safe and trusting manner.

Music Box

The Music Box is a collective musical learning program that allows children to experience different forms of personal success and achievements. The program provides an opportunity to bring music-learning to children in our community through a shared interest in music and by developing a strong social network.

Social Perinatal Clinic

The Social Perinatal Clinic offers future parents and unborn children a continuum of perinatal care and services, including pregnancy monitoring, psychosocial support, and wellness follow-ups. The Social Perinatal Clinic aims to provide compassionate support to parents-to-be who are in vulnerable circumstances, and to optimize a secure parent-child bond with their future children.

Mobile clinic

The Mobile Clinic brings Community social pediatrics services to even more children in the Gatineau area. The clinic is deployed directly in certain neighborhoods to reach families who rarely use traditional health services, and to ensure that children have access to the same services.

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